REvolutionising the way we make fuel cell CATALYSTs

Addressing the future

Transportation generates 1/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel cells, together with batteries, can bring this number down to 0.

Using hydrogen to generate electricity, fuel cells are an emission-free technology.

The problem

The core that makes everything possible is the catalyst – which contains scarce platinum.

Platinum makes fuel cells expensive: >40% of the fuel cell cost at high production volume.

This makes it impossible to mass produce.

Our product is

The solution

ReCatalyst reduces required platinum in the catalyst by 50% while improving both the efficiency and durability at the same time.


With our patent pending platform technology we will enable mass production of fuel cells.

Validated in relevant fuel cell environment
2nd generation MVP
Scalability validated

Currently funded by the prestigious ERC Proof of Concept grant, on the doorstep of customers, searching for funding to scale.

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